We pick you up at your arrival in Iquitos and take you to the middle of the Amazon jungle to enjoy Eywa Lodge Amazonas. In our lodge hotel you will have your own private bungalow. The experience includes several daily tours and activities in the jungle, as well as full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner). In your free time you can relax in our bar and enjoy the nature and tranquility of the Amazon jungle.


Round trip transfer to Iquitos

Lodging in private cabin with bathroom

2-3 daily tours, excursions and activities with specialized jungle guides

Full board: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

waterproof boots for excursions

Drinking water


Once you arrive at Iquitos airport, we will take care of the rest. We will take you by road to the city of Nauta, and there we will take a boat that will take you to Eywa Lodge Amazonas.

The trip takes about 3 hours, so if you arrive in Iquitos later than 1pm, you will have to spend the night in Iquitos to leave the next day in the morning. If required, we can also help you with your reservation. For the return, make sure your flight leaves after 1pm so we have time to take you back to Iquitos (otherwise you will have to spend the night there).

You can contact us by phone or email for any questions or queries you may have.



Here you can see some of our many tours and activities in the jungle that we offer, but there are many more and for all tastes. Our attention is personalized and we adapt to our guests according to their preferences.

  • Sunrise/sunset in the Amazon
  • Pink dolphin watching
  • Bird watching
  • Search for monkeys and sloths
  • Night search for caimans
  • Walking tours through the heart of the Amazon rainforest.
Explorer girl with sunglasses in a wooden boat navigating a river in the Amazon rainforest.

  • Night tours through the jungle to see insects.
  • Fishing for piranhas and other fish.
  • Tree climbing
  • Medicinal plant tours
  • Visiting indigenous villages and communities
  • Swimming in the Amazon River



Our lodge hotel has several amenities for you to relax and unwind after an exciting tour. Our bar has a selection of soft drinks, beers and liquors to enjoy in the tranquility of the jungle. You can also read a book in our hammocks, or take a leisurely stroll through our orchard.


Eywa Lodge Amazonas is not only a hotel in the jungle where you can live incredible adventures, it is also a project to help the environment and the indigenous community. By staying at Eywa you are helping to clean the Amazon River of plastics and giving work to members of the local communities. We want you not only to live the experience of your life, but also to do your bit to take care of an ecosystem as precious and unique as the Amazon.


List of articles should should take into account before going on vacation


  1. Book your flights and overnight in Iquitos (if necessary) : The journey from Iquitos to Eywa Lodge Amazonas takes about 3h in total, so if you arrive in Iquitos later than 3pm, you will need to spend the night in Iquitos for us to leave the next morning. For your return, make sure your flight departs from 12pm so that we have time to get you back to Iquitos. If you have any questions or need help with accommodation in Iquitos, please contact us.
  2. Medicines and vaccinations : Make sure you have everything you need for the Peruvian Amazon area. You can check here
  3. Internet : Disconnection is one of the strong points of our experience. In the area where we are located there is no mobile signal, and you will not have wifi available 24/7. We do offer it for emergencies, flight check in, etc.
  4. Electricity : In the Amazon, electricity is a very limited resource and at Eywa Lodge Amazonas we are committed to nature. Avoid bringing appliances that consume a lot of energy (such as hairdryers or electric razors). You will be provided with sockets to charge mobile phones or cameras.
  5. Food preferences or intolerances : Remember to let us know in advance if you require a vegetarian diet, or have any allergies or intolerances. There are no supermarkets in the jungle, so we need to prepare everything in advance.
  6. Payments at the hotel : We do not accept cash payments, only credit cards.
  7. Tipping : All our guides, waiters, and other team members are paid a fair wage. However, feel free to leave a tip if you feel it is appropriate. Tipping is a welcome and common practice in the area. Tips should be in cash.
  8. Travel/medical insurance : We always advise you to take out insurance to cover any mishaps.


At our lodge hotel we have a small store where you can purchase some basic items, but we recommend that you come prepared with the following.
List of must have articles anyone should bring for an experience within the peruvian amazon rainfores

  1. Comfortable, lightweight, breathable and preferably light-colored clothing, ideally covering legs and arms for added protection (one set per day)
  2. Hat or cap for sun protection
  3. Swimming suit
  4. Refillable bottle
  5. Comfortable shoes or sneakers (ideally hiking shoes) - we provide you with waterproof boots for excursions and tours
  6. Insect repellent (ideally with 20-30% DEET)
  7. Maximum protection sunscreen
  8. Flashlight (head flashlight is most comfortable)
  9. Rain poncho
  10. Personal medicines
  11. Toiletries
  12. Binoculars (recommended)